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ThaiTambon.com web site went online in June 2000. When the OTOP project moved into action in 2001, we quickly became a web site for marketing OTOP
and give information about OTOP products. The latest addition to the web site
is the OTOP Product Champion Year 2010 data base.  Read more ....
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New Products Addition
For each working day about 50 - 60 new OTOP products from the selection
in Year 2010 are added into our database. These are 5-star, 4-star and 3-star
product categories. CLICK  here  to find the daily new products.

How to Find Products in English
There are about 100,000 products in Thaitambon.com. Part of them have been
translated into English. Please use English Search to find OTOP products.

Thaitambon.com's Member Products
About 180 Member's Web Pages are written in English with more than 150
video clips. Click at
Member Products to see vast amount of OTOP products.

Product Promotion (39) (Click at picture to see web site & details)


OTOP 5-Star Products 2010
OTOP Selection Year 2010 resulted in 1,422 OTOP 5-Star products.
most of them have already been included in the database.

OTOP City 2010 Fair
Sample products are shown in the following VDO.

Archived :

Announcement of OTOP Product Champion 2006 (OPC)
was made in December 2006, following by OTOP
City 4 Fair. Click here for the
Main Menu of OPC 2006.
(New product data and English translation are being added daily).

OTOP 5-Star 2006 Products

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and their product lines
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